First Post in a Year!

Holy smokes! This is the first post I have published in a year! I’d like to make writing a more important aspect of my life, but I often find it hard to fit in creative writing when I have so much homework and other responsibilities. First, I should mention that I am writing this from my dorm room at Wright State University in Fairborn, OH (a suburb of Dayton)! I just started my second semester of my first year of “real” college (as if it’s more “real” than EGCC). I am having an okay time, but am still in a really sucky adjustment period. I find it difficult to make friends because I am extremely shy and introverted. I am making progress though! I am also finding it hard being 4 hours from home, as I am very close to my parents. I do see them often, between their visits to me and my voyages home, but I still find myself homesick from time to time.

This semester, I am taking a really challenging senior-level/graduate level class on stem cell research, as well as General Chemistry 1, Organisms and Ecosystems, and a one-credit half-semester course for aspiring resident assistants! I have applied to be an RA for next year, and this class is one requirement for employment. I think being an RA would be an excellent way to strengthen my leadership skills and grow as a person. I hope it might even help with my shyness! It also doesn’t hurt that I will receive free room and board as an RA, which will pair nicely with my free tuition scholarship I received for being salutatorian of my high school graduating class!