Joyce Ivy Foundation, CUSC, College, Applications, and Other Stuff

I have been nominated to run the Cornell University Circle of the Joyce Ivy Foundation Mentor Program! I will e-mail past and future Cornell summer scholar alumnae and host 2 conference calls to connect them. I am really honored that they decided to nominate me, and it feels good to be able to help out such an amazing organization. The Joyce Ivy Foundation helped me to have a life-changing experience, and I can never thank them enough.

Since Cornell, I have kept in touch with all of my Cornell University Summer College (CUSC) friends. I talk to Rachel, Candy, Faisal, Mye, Fio, and several others. I have sent letters to most of them, and I have received a few more back! I miss all of them so much. I am thinking about the possibility of traveling to Washington D.C. this summer, where Rachel lives. Mye is flying in from Thailand to visit several cities, including Washington D.C. I would absolutely¬†love to meet up with both Mye and Rachel, because I doubt I will have another chance to do so. Plus, I’ve always wanted to visit D.C. :)

I have started my fourth semester of college at EGCC, but I haven’t had any classes yet (I have Tuesday/Thursday classes only). I will be taking Calculus 2, Nutrition, Business Communications, Microeconomics, and Sign Language 2. These classes aren’t extremely captivating, but they are necessary for graduation or the only classes available to me. I¬†am looking forward to Sign Language 2. :)

Phi Theta Kappa has been going wonderfully for me. As the Public Relations Officer of EGCC’s chapter, I send out e-mails and update the Facebook page. I often do things throughout the week to help out, including running bake sales, manning information tables, and attending meetings. It is actually a lot of fun. :)

So far, I have applied to Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and Princeton. I will also be applying to Oberlin. I am crossing my fingers and praying for the best. Cornell is my first choice, but Princeton and Johns Hopkins are also great candidates. Oberlin is an excellent school, and I like that they also are home to the oldest music conservatory in the US. I think that would make campus life really interesting. :) I have already been accepted to the University of Pittsburgh. I like that it is close to home, and that they have a medical college.

This Sunday, I will be attending Edison’s semi-formal dance. I am excited to be going, but I’m also saddened by the fact that my high school experience is coming to a close. I’m going to have to start acting like a real adult soon, like do my taxes and stuff. I don’t want to grow up, but at the same time I am excited to start a new chapter of my life.