Tonsillectomy Day 6

So far today, I feel great! Back down to 1 tsp of roxicet, and I am eating more. I had 1 whole mashed up canned pearĀ and brown sugar cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast. I’m hoping to eat mac and cheese later today. I finally feel like I’m making progress towards recovery. I also know that my scabs should be coming off in the coming days, which I am not looking forward to at all. I’m just ecstatic that I am feeling better. :)

Tonsillectomy Day 5

Last night I felt better, so we reduced the roxicet to 1 tsp. That worked fine until this afternoon. Back up to 1.5 tsp. I felt very frustrated and I was in pain, so I threw a slight hissy fit. Big mistake. Crying makes the pain much worse. I feel better now. I also tried eating something new, but couldn’t really. Pureed home fries with sausage gravy from P & J’s. I could only eat a few bites. It was spicy in comparison to the super-bland foods that I’ve been eating recently. Now I’m eating some pureed beef and vegetable soup. Will probably eat more sherbet later. :) Liquids are going down a little easier today because the swelling is down a bit. I’m still using ice packs on my neck occasionally, which helps a lot. Pain level is right now a 5 if I swallow, and my left ear still aches at around a 2.

Tonsillectomy Day 4 (Afternoon)

Yesterday afternoon sucked. The doctor actually called after my mom told the nurse who calls daily that I wasn’t drinking enough. She gave me a stern warning and upped my roxicet dose to 1.5 teaspoons every 6 hours. We’ve also started using the chloraseptic spray, which helped tremendously. I ate a lot of sherbet yesterday and got down a whole cup of water before I went to sleep. I’m going to try to drink more today, and I’m going to try some mashed potatoes later. I ate some jello earlier, but I need to eat more. I am lethargic and weak, which could be in part caused by the extra roxicet. Pain level right now: 2. It is a 6 when I swallow. I’ve also developed ear pain, which is at about a 5.

Tonsillectomy Day 3 (Afternoon)

I have a visitor! But I can’t talk. We are communicating via text from me, and verbally by him. It hurts tremendously to talk, and I’m not easy to understand. I took a shower (yay!). I didn’t take one yesterday because the shower is upstairs and my mom was worried about it. The ice packs on my neck have helped tremendously, and I have been able to drink more water today than yesterday. So far today I’ve eaten 2 popsicles, and 1/4 can of peas mixed with a lot of veggie broth. I’m planning on trying soupy instant mashed potatoes later today. I’m hoping that turns out well. In the mean time, I’m munching on ice chips and popsicles.

Tonsillectomy Day 3 (Morning)

My mom woke me up at 6 am for my medicine, but overall I slept pretty soundly through the night. Still have the occasional cough because of the mucus in my mouth, and it still hurts to swallow. Pain is about a 1-2 right now, and swallowing brings it to a 6-7. I need to drink more water. My stomach is growling, but I don’t feel like going through the pain of eating. I’ll probably try to get down some jello or a popsicle in a few hours after my next dose of meds. I think today is going to suck. :(

Tonsillectomy Day 2 (Afternoon)

I’ve developed a slight cough because there is a lot of phlegm in my throat. I’m worried about causing a bleed, but I can’t breathe if I don’t cough. It’s a lose-lose situation. :/ I can’t wait to be healed. Took a dose of Roxicet an hour and a half ago, so my pain level (not swallowing) is at about a 2. Coughing shoots it up to a 3, and swallowing brings it to a 5. I think I’m doing ok so far. I ate almost a whole mashed up boiled egg and a half of a pear today, plus a cup of water and now I’m working on a cup of apple juice. I’m going to possibly try mashed peas watered down later, and I’m definitely going to have some chicken or veggie broth soon. I find that if I eat within about 2-3 hours after a dose of Roxicet, I can eat more quickly and I can eat more. I’ve already lost about 6 pounds. I just want to eat!