Chem: The Death of Me

First of all, I’ve never taken Chemistry, and I am not currently taking Chemistry. But, somehow, I have to pass an entrance exam to get into my local community college’s Chemistry course. I’m really nervous. I am taking the test on Monday. I had my mom pick me up a Chemistry for Dummies book. I only understand about 1/2 of it. What is a mole?!?!?! How do I find how many atoms of Oxygen are in 18 grams of water??? Oh well. I think I’ll pass into Chemistry if I can just figure this out. :(

UPDATE!  A mole is a unit of measurement, equal to 6.02 x 10^23  I have no idea how to do anything with this information, but hopefully I’ll figure it out by Monday!

UPDATE #2! I have completely given up on studying for this test. I am as prepared as I will ever be. Hopefully that’s enough. I still don’t understand moles. My parents think I’m crazy for being so adamant about understanding EVERYTHING I can find on the basic concepts of Chemistry. I’m thinking that even if I don’t pass into Chemistry, I will have seen the test and I would then know what to study exactly for round 2! My guidance counselor is very frazzled and is of no help on the subject of the content of the exam. Oh well.

UPDATE #3! I took the test yesterday. There were 20 questions. I got 12 of them correct, but I needed a 14 to pass. UGH! I talked with the admissions coordinator, and she decided to place me in a remedial Chemistry class. I talked to the 2 other kids that are going to the college with me. They also got twelves their first time, and then got fourteens their second time. They said I should just retake it because the second test is easier. Hopefully they were telling the truth! :)

Easter Egg Decorating

Since tomorrow is Easter, my family and I will be decorating Easter eggs. I decided to look up some unique decorating ideas. I will probably use a few of the ideas located on this website:

I really like all of these. My favorite is probably the one with mustaches:

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